The BIPLANAR® Advantage

Biplanar® offers exceptional functionality for orthopedic and traumatic surgery procedures, allowing full access to the operating site with total control.​

The symmetrical G-stand, comprising two independent perpendicular imaging systems, provides simultaneous frontal and lateral views of the surgical site.

Alternating between the planes is simply done by a triple function foot switch and the images are displayed on dual high-resolution monitors.

Fixed position of the stand during an operation means superior accuracy, no need for repositioning, less radiation and increased sterility due to easy draping.

  • Rotation free orthogonal AP/LM image capture
  • Optimal access to the surgical site
  • Shorter operating time
  • Less anesthesia time
  • Accurate and easy positioning
  • Optimal sterility
  • Less radiation
  • Total control in each step



Biplanar is the ideal imaging solution for almost all orthopedic and traumatic surgery procedures. It offers unobstructed access to the surgical site and allows surgeons to work more precisely, optimizing patient comfort.

The simultaneous frontal and lateral projections facilitate shorter surgical procedures and less radiation to patient and staff.