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The applications and solutions Swemacimaging™ supplies today were spawned from the engineers at SAAB Aerospace over thirty years ago. With the same type of technological skill and engineering ingenuity needed when designing and building complex jet planes, the engineers at SAAB created the foundations for the applications Swemacimaging™ markets today.

The Biplanar®  concept has been gradually developed to its current form. The models marketed today, the Biplanar® 500e and 600s, are preceded by model 300, 400, 400E and 500. As a mark of quality and durability there are today still units of the 300 model in full operation, some twenty years after first put to use.

Swemacimaging™ was acquired by Scanflex Healthcare in 2002. From a standpoint in its rich history, Swemacimaging™ is today continuing its legacy of technological innovation and high quality. The Biplanar ® concept is today exported throughout the world and more and more healthcare professionals are discovering its many benefits.

SwemaImaging Headquarter and Factory
BIPLANAR™ is proudly designed and manufactured in Sweden.

Proudly invented, designed and produced in Sweden.